Helppp please! why i cant claim my rewards?

Hello brothers!! My button for claming rewards for august is not appearing! How can i get my BATs if i dont have a button to claim? what is going to happen with my bats if i cant claim it? does anyone else have this problem? or just me?

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I have the same problem… , no bats in gemini accounts, no claming button on unverified wallets…and still nobody didnt give me an answer…

@steeven could you help me please? i am seeing that you respond almost at every post, thats why i mentioned you>

Can you please start a DM with both me and @steeven and provide your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

Thank you.

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Are you guys able to claim BAT with unverified wallets?

No because there’s no ‘claim you earning’ button and I’m still waiting my rewards to appear in my brave wallet

Exactly! And I don’t even see the +x.xxxx BAT arriving in Y days’ message anymore. I just hope I get my BATs soon

Yep. The message only last until one day before the payment date. After that, you lost your earned rewards and your current balance is back to ZERO

I to have this problem button is grayed out

Download Brave rewards and then verify it with your uncle wallet so you can claim your rewards at the app called wallet and it will send you to Brave rewards and you can redeem one two

i think your wallets are flagged by the team…maybe you used an VPN, OR maybe you clicked to many times on the new page to get ads, i dont know why they flagging the wallets…

Download Brave Rewards or Brave bet and once you do that verify it on your apole wallet so you can claim your gifts and Rewards but you got to make sure the light is green and once you go to your wallet make sure it says your wallet not verify wallet

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