Mis BAT han desaparecido

Ya desde hace una semana Brave no me captaba casi ninguno de los anuncios que veía y ahora se me ha desaparecido todo el BAT que tenia, aunque tengo de evidencia por el numero de anuncios que me han llegado.
Ayuda por favor.


Hi, @Wackylepuff, a new update just dropped, Update and see if it helps…


thanks a lot but i see that other users have the same problem even with the new update, anyways thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Hola, esto podría ser un error o, a veces, si no navega mucho pero vio muchos anuncios, ¡estos problemas pueden ocurrir!
o si no ha usado mucho el navegador Brave pero lo ha mantenido abierto para ver solo anuncios, ¡este problema puede ocurrir!

Hi this might be a glitch/bug or sometimes if you don’t browse much but watched many ads then these glitches might happen!
or if you have not used brave browser much but just kept open to see only ads this glitch might happen!

i use brave for every search and i updated the browser yesterday and it solved my problem but now i only get bat from 10 ads per day. there is a problem if i stay some hours in the same page? cause im taking some online courses and i spend a lot of time there. but i dont know if the browser takes that as farming.

When you have some time, you should read this FAQ about Brave ads/ rewards. There is a lot of misunderstanding on how the system works.

Also, there is a known issue with the ads/ rewards right now and Support is working on a fix…

…hopefully it won’t be long. :crossed_fingers:


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