No Ads all day just Brave Survey

No ADS-Also haven’t been getting any ads today-just Brave Wallet or Brave Survey! Nothing else. … almost no rewards today where i usually get some during course of normal day . No ads in my News feed thats not updating either


same, been trying to ask but not getting any help

I don’t have any ads yesterday, it’s kind of funny, i have only 4~5 ads today, and i activated 10 ads per hour.

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Ads not showing for a little bit is not necessarily an indication that anything is wrong. Please see the following article for more information:

Taken from the above article:

seems like today is back to normal, or even more ads, since on my news feed the news ads have been changing too, that almost never happens its usually the same ad in news all day, today so far Ive seen 3 different ones

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