Nickname as URL in the address bar

Hi, either Firefox and Vivaldi (don’t know Chrome, since I don’t use it) have a useful feature: a bookmark can have a “nickname” so that you can type down this nickname in the address bar, instead of the standard address, press Enter and automatically the nickname is converted to a corresponding web address. I couldn’t find this feature in Brave.

Why I needed this feature and how I found it: I bookmarked a particular website directly, after having loaded the page. But, when I tried to reach this page using the bookmark, I found a different page (not working in my particular scenario because of a session issue).

After investigating a little, I found my bookmark recorded a redirected page, so I needed to bookmark the webpage before the server redirection. In Firefox I manually created this bookmark from the bookmark manager: there I found either the way to manually create a bookmark without having to visit the webpage (Brave can do that) AND the feature I’m requesting here: the ability to type down whatever in the address bar and start loading a related web page.