Is it possible to create URL shortcuts including replacement strings?

While I was a Firefox user, I created numerous bookmark shortcuts with built-in replacement strings. All I had to do is type the bookmark shortcut followed by a string, which was then automatically replaced when the bookmark was parsed. For example, here’s one I created for eBay:

Keyword: ebay

Firefox replaces the “%s” in the URL with whatever text I enter after the keyword. To use it, all I had to do is type the following into the address bar:

ebay autocad

Upon pressing enter, the URL was automatically parsed as:

Is it possible to do something similar in Brave? Brave is a great browser, but I truly miss this functionality. It was a fast a simple way to get exactly where I wanted to go.


It’s a little different – instead of being stored as bookmarks, you store them as custom search engines. But the functionality is the same.

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