Need Region country supported person to verify my creator accout

I need help to withdraw the brave browser tips(Basic Attention Token)
from my content creator account. I got tips from brave browser users,
but I am not able to withdraw that tips because I am located in non supported region.
If you help me, I will pay you some portion of my withdraw amount.

mail :

@Sairatnakar20 If you’re in an unsupported region, then you can’t move tips out. Hence why you’re “not supported” for linking to a custodial account. If you haven’t seen the newest information, then please check out [Action required] Changes to being a verified creator: connect a custodial account

If you need further assistance and think that doesn’t apply to you, then you need to create a Creators Support Ticket

I want to shift my you tube channel to the supported region creator account. I think it works.

Then same way, make sure to do the support ticket. I provided the link for you to click on.

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