Need help fixing "Brave Rewards profile is flagged"

Hi, I saw on some previous posts of this topic, that suggested path was to create a help ticket and then post that ticket here in a forum topic.

Well, I did that and here is my Help TIcket

Your case number for this ticket is 229176.

I’ve had this problem with a flagged profile for a WHILE now – maybe over a year. Finally trying to tackle it…

Any help is appreciated!

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Create a Rewards Support Ticket at

I guess they already created one. @mpaler kudos to you, you tried searching before making a topic. Not many people soughting help here do, even though this problem has a lot of answers already. Thanks!

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Yeah, but for me to put it, I’m wondering if had been edited or if I just accidentally submitted here instead of someone else’s topic. It’s weird, but it is what it is.

(I know the other day I ended up mixing up some tabs, accidentally posted something in wrong location. It’s why I usually limit myself to like 1-2 tabs, but somehow lately been getting as many as 30+ as researching things for people and all)

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