Navigation Buttons are hard to see in color themes

Longtime Chrome user switching to Brave, and love it, BUT: :slight_smile:
I’ve always used 3 different colored themes for my 3 Profiles, so I can easily see what account I am working in. But in Brave, the basic color themes produce very dark (nearly invisible) Navigation buttons. And they are inverted. to me. (ie. if there is a back option, but not forward, it is the “>” that is bright, and the “<” that is nearly invisible.
Of course, when the window is in the background all three buttons are visible. I do utilize one gray theme of my three. And the effect is more what one would expect.
Maybe this is just how it is, on Brave. but it makes it very difficult to see.
3 screen shots:Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3
Shot 1 shows what it looks like when a Back-but no Forward-navigation is possible,
Shot 2 shows when both Back and Forward is posible.
Shot 3 shows The top window having only a Back navigation possible. (This is what I would expect to see: Highlighted option, grayed out not an option.) Note that in the two windows not current ALL three buttons are highlighted. But under no circumstance is the Bookmark tool anything but dark. (I have home button off, but it also shows up, only dark.)
I’ve looked through the threads and the only other thing like this that I have found is where someone said the buttons “disappeared” when they opened a Private window. But this is a bit different.

Any ideas?

**Brave Version( check About Brave ): Version 1.2.42 Chromium: 79.0.3945.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Am I really the only person with this problem? :relieved:

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I just started testing it. I have a dark Rosewood control area that the theme doesn’t change at all. The forward button is light colored, but the back/history and all other browser buttons are grey, which is really difficult for me to see. Some Icon symbols are dark grey also. I won’t keep using it, if these issues can’t be resolved.

@frose @Rick_S1,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve reached out to our design team to see what can be done on our end about this particular issue.

@frose, can you tell me what the exact theme you’re using in the first image is (the red theme)?

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Thank you for looking into this. It is driving me crazy!! haha

Yes, the red theme is called Red Mountain. The blue one is called Blue Rose.

Are these themes from the Chrome web store? If so, are they provided by Google or are they user/artist submitted?

Yes, from the Chrome web store.
Red mountains Offered by:

Blue Rose Offered by:

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Appreciate the info – just tested on my end and I’m seeing the same results. Discussing with design team now, hopefully will have more information soon.

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