Mobile: Navigation buttons disappear in landscape orientation?

New user here, iPhone SE, iOS 16.5.1, Brave 1.51.2.

The forward/back navigation buttons are present when my phone is in the portrait orientation, but they disappear when I rotate to landscape. Is there some reason for this, and perhaps a way to keep them? It’s a puzzling behavior.

Doesnt happen on mine. So I’ll suggest going to OS settings → Apps → Brave → Disable full screen mode

Hmm. I don’t see any such setting. I do suspect this is a bug, because simply pressing the home button on my iPhone and then tapping Brave again sometimes causes the navigation buttons to reappear. Sample screenshots below.

I’ve navigated to in portrait mode:

Now I’ve rotated my phone to landscape mode:

Now I’ve pressed the Home button, then tapped Brave again to bring it back to the foreground:

This is not 100% reproducible though, and seems to happen at random.

Possible. @Saoiray do you know anything that could help?

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