My Youtube channel unverified after 14 days


04/04/2019 i add a my YouTube channel
I did everything according to the instructions on the site. After 2 days, a referral link for my channel appeared in the Dashboard. But when users go to my channel, they still cannot send me a reward, because the system writes that my channel has not yet been verified … when will it be verified? How long do you need to wait?


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look in this topics

Sorry just checked the YouTube account is verified

Even if its not verified, they can still send tips to you, and upon verification the you’ll see their tips on you account.

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I did not find a solution to my problem there. I have been waiting for 14 days. I tried with different devices. Everywhere my channels are listed as not verified! And in the working panel - verified. As a result, my subscribers still can not send me rewards

@sashokanger appears as verified on my end.

Basically, once you finish adding your site and you can see it’s listed under your publisher account, then it’s verified.

Your Brave require 24-48 hours to sync with latest publishers list. If it’s still shown unverified see Solutions for “not yet verified” bug .


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