My website is not showing as "verified publisher"


I have two websites. Both registered to be verified publishers in Brave. Talking about [] and

The first one - appears as a verified publisher but it has been over a week now and the second one is not. I checked here: and is listed as verified publisher.

What can i do to get it working properly? Tried to delete the publishers list as mentioned in another topic but it didnt help for me. Checked on 2 different devices and it appears to be “verified” for them. Since its not showing correctly in my Brave, there might be a customer who is not seeing it properly. This is the main reason i want to get it fixed. What can i do ?


@tinchev54 Both sites are showing as verified on my browser. Try clearing your browser cache. By the way, I sent you 10 BAT :wink::wink:

Thanks for the suggestion and the tip but clearing the cache didnt help.

Cleared all the cookies and everything but still not showing properly. Probably a clean new installation will do the job but this will delete my bookmarks, extensions and all… Is there a way to reinstall and keep them ?

I doubt if there is need for a new installation. Just wait for at least a day after clearing the browser cache.

@tinchev54 once you finish adding your site and you can see it’s listed under your publisher account, then it’s verified.

Your Brave require 24-48 hours to sync with latest publishers list. If it’s still shown unverified see Solutions for “not yet verified” bug .


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