My uphold account is important,


1 month ago i connected my uphold in my 3 Android phone and my Windows total 4 browser.

But this August month after i withdraw brave ads reward my uphold is important why?

Someone told me, you can connect 1 uphold in 4 browser and i connected in 4 browser but after i withdraw from uphold the uphold account is important now, how can i withdraw my pending rewards next month? :sob:

What did you mean by “important”?

My uphold account is suspended, they can’t offer continue

After withdraw bat it happened with me now how can i withdraw my pending reward :sob:?

i had the same issue quite a while ago at that point i decided to get rid of uphold altogether and wait until the brave wallet comes out. I had to reset the rewards wallet before i was able to claim rewards straight to the browser again.

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