February rewards. Uphold account

I have never had a problem receiving rewards until March and didn’t receive for February. I have always received them on wallet created on my phone. Do I now need to get uphold account in order to receive from now on? Thanks I love brave and want to keep up to date. Thanks for any help.

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Hello @Leej. Uphold, for the moment, cannot be connected with a mobile device. The Brave Team is working with that. Is work in progress…

Thanks for reply. My account now says next payment April 5 so I will see what happens then. I saw quite a few ads in February but changed it to only 2 per hour until I see if I will receive in April

You cant withdraw funds on Phone. just using for tip to creators.

I knew I couldn’t withdraw my concern was I didn’t receive any bat in March and I wondered if something had changed that maybe I needed uphold wallet in order to continue receiving bat. Yesterday my monthly contribution was taken out so that still works and my wallet says next payment April 5. So we will see what happens lol :laughing:

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