My Site Searches Were Deleted By Update, Plus Can You Make Them In To Portable / Editable File?

I may have posted about the latter topic before but the former is new, upon an update (or closing and restarting Brave) my search engines have disappeared, and this seems to be persistent (after a few times of closing and opening the browser). It does seem like I can re-add them and they’re staying, though. I’m not sure if I would have done anything else to have reset or deleted all the site searches (in brave://settings/searchEngines).

Also I was wondering if the site searches could be made in to a file that could be ported from machine to machine easily, and could be edited quicker in a text editor. They’re really useful for getting to sites quicker.

Thank you


Might give you an idea:

Thank you for reaching out.
First, can you tell me if it was the most recent update in which this data was lost? Additionally, is that the only data that was erased or were there other data that was lost as well?

As for making this information into a file, I can’t say for sure that that’s on the boards or would even be considered. I do know that when you use Brave Sync and add devices to the Sync chain, the Settings data type includes any/all custom search engines you’ve added to the browser. While not quite the same as having a file that you can export directly, it does provide a way to potentially save/recover this information in situations like these.

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