Look I just got my online browsing and rewards back only 2-3 months ago after Brave decided to reinstate it, why? I have no clue, maybe they decided to be generous for once. So I clicked on ads watched patiently, etc Now I get notification to update my browser, but this time, I wasnt going to fall for this issue again, I decided to screenshot my rewards pending and my wallet as well. And AS USUAL, my rewards show ZERO! after the update!!! This is ridiculous, how do you expect people to continue to use ur browser that has a million bugs in it, if it keeps stealing our rewards benefits. IM OUTRAGED this time. Please reinstall my browsing rewards!!! I have a SS of 16.902 BAT pending and 32.434 BAT in my wallet. Im not going to click on another ad (if it ever pops up, because it hasnt in weeks) until you pay me the 16.902 in addition to my 32.434 wallet! Please do this immediately! It took over 2 yrs to get this back!!

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Update: New and improved “Estimated pending rewards” (Brave Ads earnings) counter coming in v1.27 It could be due to this maybe? You said you have not received any ads in weeks and this update came out about 9 days ago so maybe you have no current estimated pending rewards so it will show as 0. But your 16.902 should be paid out once your payment is complete with Uphold. It is good you took a screenshot of how much you had before the update. In case it does not get paid out.

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When will i know it gets paid out though? I checked my wallet, and I still dont see anything more than what was in my wallet for the last 2 yrs, and whats weird is before they used to payout every month, and I was supposed to get my wallet paid today, but a few weeks ago they changed the date to September 7th. Why do they keep delaying, and thats fine IF they pay out, but I dont feel like clicking any ads unless I see the 19 BAT get transferred, which is sad. We’re trying to promote cryptos not trash it…havent we had enough of Big Business garbage? Lets hope Brave follows through on their commitment, I’ll wait till September 7th, but somehow feel like they wont do it.

Well… you are gonna get paid for ads regardless if you click them or not… but as for the sep 7th that happens all the time. sometimes it goes to a month in advance. I would assume you should see payment for your previous balance maybe a week after August 7. So give it til the 14th or until the payments go to the completed status on the top banner where it shows that payments are still processing

Thank you, for responding. Truly hope you’re right. Just dont wanna go through another 1 yr drought where I dont click on the Brave Browser, really want cryptos and underlying assets to be successful.

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