My referral confirmation is not counted

Dear sir,
my referral confirmation( 30 days completed) is not counting anymore in this month. Is it a common issue or is it only for me ? You told that your referral program will shut down on 23 November and the 30 days used will be confirmed until 23 December . Then why is my referral not being adding now?

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Everybody has this issue… Yet no response from admin team… not even announce, that there is some problem…


Everyone experiencing this and they are not
even announcing that this problem exists, I have a theory that they will not going to pay out october referrals


I may agree with you. But they should have announced that. Problem is … They are still silent in this regard


They do not want to solve the problem so that they give us the bat for each confirmed referral. @steeven

Hi all, your dashboards are expected to update to reflect your earnings within the next couple of days.


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