My puzzle site quit working

Hi All,

The page loads, but since about Monday 26th or so, the actual puzzle refuses to show.

Looking for someone to try and see if they get an actual puzzle and not a blank page. All other puzzles I do on this site work as expected, only this one fails to load.



Is this still not working @RASelkirk

I just tested the site, the puzzle link worked (also tried the other puzzles)

Just tried it again and got the following:

King Feature Puzzles

Editor’s note: Due to low usage and frequent technical issues, our puzzles vendor has decided to remove following games from their collection: Memo (formerly Remind); Junior Memo (formerly Junior Remind); Spot the Differences; K Doku; Junior Sliding Puzzle (formerly Junior Sudoku); Now Hidden Views (formerly Covered Views); Junior Puzzle (formerly Pyramid).

We apologize for the loss of these particular puzzles and we’re working hard to find suitable replacements. In the meantime we hope you will take advantage of some of our many other puzzle offerings accessible from the puzzles section of our digital replica edition or on our website

Appears to be gone for good…


Hmm interesting, seems to be their end?

From an NZ IP, this is what I’m getting:

Yeah, that’s not the k-doku puzzle. As previously stated, all the others I do are working…


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