Brave on Android trouble since update last night

Apparently now based on Chrome 109 version 1.47.175

I’m getting trouble with “” when running as progressive web app (but fine when things are run in browser rather than “installed” to home screen).

Chess pieces in multiple sets show as white for both sides :frowning:

The site’s main logo is rendered differently too. Usually there is a dull gray logo behind the page but rendered as white too. I assume some graphs (svg?) Rendering not working correctly in PVA mode.

I’ve tried clearing caches.

I’ll try reinstall next unless someone knows what changed already.

Okay the resolution was to uninstall and reinstall Brave. Makes sense as the mqin browser worked.

So either strange local corruption (unlikely) or bug in the upgrade path to 1.47.175, but can’t imagine it makes sense ro re reate and fix it.