My email content won’t load after a tracker has been found

This issue has started within the last week, with no changes made to my Settings (that I can recall).

When I receive an email and any type of tracker has been identified, NONE of the email content is visible, but I can see the Brave Shield and see what issue Brave identified.

However, Brave is not just blocking the tracker, but ALL of the email content. I can’t find a way to get my email content without turning the tracker feature off, which I definitely don’t want to do.

I have been using Proton Mail for years with no issues.

I would greatly appreciate any help to resolve this problem!

Hello @LadyAg

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Could you please share the following information:

1 - What kind of device and OS do you have?
2 - Have you updated to the latest Brave version?

Be waiting for your response!

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