My download speeds doesn't surpass 30mbps

On every single site the download speed that I always get is only 30mbps (megabits), instead of something closer to my contracted internet speed ~500mbps.

1.Download something

Slow speeds in every single site and situation

Brave Version( V1.29.76):

Additional Information:
My internet speed is 500mbps and I always gets that speed downloading everywhere else besides the internet browsers.

The download speed depends on a lot of things. Like the website you are downloading from, file type, etc.

And what speed are you facing on other browsers like Chrome? Because I think there is a max cap for download speed.

That problem happens on every website and file type, and the same thing was happening with chrome, and that is strange because I can stream 4k60 videos out of YouTube easily but download a single file from anywhere is just slow. I tested earlier today installing a game on steam and it used my internet connection to the max.

That is what I said.

All browsers have a cap value in Download Speed.
Even if you have 1GB speed it will still download in 30mbps. And you can’t do anything about it.

If you still want to use you WIFI capacity to the fullest, download a program called “Free Download Manager” and it will download all the files with around 500 MBPS.

This cap is only present in Bowsers, so you can get the high speed in Steam but not in Browsers.

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Is that program a stand alone program or an extension to the browser? I want to be sure before searching about

yes its a program, i personally use this one

Thanks for the help! I will download the program and I will give an feedback to yall


oh and i found the extension version of it. tho it needs FDM installed, so youre still going to need to download the program

Tried the program, it did doubled the download speed but it was only it, worth using though.

TBH if you aren’t download 1 GB worth of files directly off the browser, that 30 MBPS speed is way more than enough.

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