My bats didn't come this mounth and they stopped of gain on browser

I have actualy my uphold account verify but i didnt receive my bats this mounth(July 22) in uphold and then my bats stopped to come in my brave browser(using windows pc)at my new pc, i remember that i verifyed in the same uphold account 5 brave’s accounts in my old pc, but i dont have my old pc right now

Maybe i think that i need to close my account uphold account and create another, but the uphold suport said that the problem is with the brave browser

windows 10, brave version 1.41.100 Chromium: 103.0.5060.134 ,64 bits

i ll be waiting some contact

You won’t have contact in this method. Too much information is needed. You need to submit a Support Ticket if you want help from Brave.

Most likely, Brave can’t help you then. In order to assist, your Wallet Payment ID from brave://rewards-internals is needed. You won’t be able to provide that if you no longer have the device. You can still try a support ticket but there’s little to nothing that Brave can do without it.

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tks, i will do it :handshake:t2: :handshake:t2: :handshake:t2: :handshake:t2: :handshake:t2:

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