Missing my playlists in YouTube on Brave mobile Android

Using Android mobile Brave on my lenovo M9 android 13 tablet, I can’t see my playlists on YouTube.com, even when clicking on ‘my account’. I do see my playlists when clicking on ‘my account’ when using Brave on my Xiaomi Poco F3 thought, which is also on Android 13.

I don’t see ads and my YouTube videos are not interrupted. But my playlists are nowhere to be found on the tablet.

When using the YouTube app of course all my playlists are there.

All versions are updated to the latest version as of today

Why are my YouTube playlists available in Brave on my phone but not on my tablet? What could be the problem?

PS : forcing Brave into desktop mode on my tablet I can see all options again, including my playlists. But it’s much slower than the mobile mode. Still wondering why it works on my phone in mobile mode and not on the tablet.

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