Minimum BAT Withdrawal Limit in Gemini?

I was trying to withdraw my 5.5 BATs today but It got failed by saying the amount is invalid and the minimum BAT amount should at least be 7.7+. Since I have never withdrawn a single BAT from Gemini, I have no idea what am I doing wrong. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Minimum withdrawl tells that you need to have more than the amount specified. If it says that you need to have more than 7.7+, only one thing can be done. Wait, for this months BAT payment on 8th Dec or buy some BAT from open market.

Also, I would not advise withdrawing BAT from Gemini if you are going to put it into a noncustodial wallet. As BAT is an erc-20 token, so it is going to cost you like 10-20$(approximately) to move BAT again.

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