May Payout not received after more than 15 days passed

Hey team, could you tell me this happens every month that we don’t receive brave rewards without complaining you guys.

I am using Android and Windows PC for brave.

My wallet is verified with uphold already.

I don’t remember verified date exactly but yeah its been more than a year now.

I have been getting payments on delay for 3-4 months

I am not using VPN guys.

I am from India

**Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?
Ans. Yes

Yeah i turned off it.

Long story short: You won’t be getting anything at Uphold because India is no longer supported for Uphold or Gemini to be connected to Brave. That’s not to say they aren’t offering regional support, only there are issues preventing them from permitting Brave to be connected.

As to your BAT, if it’s not claimed and in the browser, you’ll want to complete a Support Ticket at

All sorts of other information regarding this is in the links below.

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