Max number of linked accounts reached

I’ve reached the max limit of linked accounts, and need to remove some, but am unable to do so myself. Uphold tells me to contact Brave Support, and this is the only method I see to do so.

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I have same problem
We are waiting for any reply to solve the problem

You can submit a wallet unlinking request here:


I have submitted a request a few days ago but haven`t received any mail yet !

Please be paitent as we are working through a large volume of these requests.

Many thanks
I have submitted a request today, 2021-11-10
it’s okay to wait
The important thing is that it is solvable.

How long will it take ?

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still waiting, no solution.
There was no response or solution to my requests for help on different issues before.
It is very sad not to be able to find a real contact person, even on such an important issue.
I think,
We will have to stop using Brave Browser.
I am very sad.
I would like to thank the technical team that contributed to this decision.

Apologies for the long wait time. We are doing the best we can to fulfill as many requests as we can among our other support duties.

Thank you.

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