March payout still not arrived

Last month i had my payout on 8 feb instead of 5 feb
but this month i don’t get my payout yet

If I don’t say nonsense, March payout will be available on 6th April.
I well received my February payout the 6th of March.


Yo. :wink:

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Payments are completed but i still didn’ t received my tokens


Same for me as well. Received Feb Payout on 8th Fe, but not March Payout :frowning:

Hello, I am in the same situation, since the previous months I received the rewards and my creator payments without problems but this month they have not yet arrived.

I have not received my payment either and I had been receiving it for months normally.

Please @steeven check the DM, I already sent you all the information of my account.

Please see Issue with Contributed BAT payment not processing.

This is a known issue that’s being looked at.

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