Make Displaying Top Sites on the Home Page Optional

Today I submitted an inquiry regarding the display of top sites on the Home Page of the Android version of Brave. Although I was told that there was no option available for me it was suggested that I submit a feature request for this.

The reason I use Brave is that I’m all about privacy and even though my browsing is boring and benign, it’s still nobody’s business but my own where I navigate on the internet. Today, I just happened to notice that Brave will attempt to place the websites I frequent most often on the home page of my Android browser and if there are no frequent websites listed, two placeholder messages are displayed on the home page that state “Nothing here to see…Yet” and “Your most visited pages will appear here”. Had I had any frequent website on my default home page I would have removed them immediately but more importantly, I consider it somewhat of an invasion of my privacy to display them in the first place as I sometimes let someone else use my browser. After looking for an option to turn this feature off and not finding one I decided to ask for an enhancement to the Android browser. Specifically, I would like to see an option to display or not display my most frequent websites visited and if one elects to not display them, then the messages that state “Nothing here to see… Yet” and “Your most visited pages will appear here” should not appear on the home screen either. To me this seems to be an easy IF-THAN-ELSE statement that could easily be added with very little effort.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Brave Support Staff:

Has there been any consideration given to my suggestion regarding an option to suppress top sites on the home page?