Is there a way to supress "Nothing here to see" on Android Home Page?

This may sound trivial but is there an option or can an option be added to suppress the messages “Nothing here to see… Yet” and “Your most visited pages will appear here” messages in the center of the home page on the Android version of Brave? The messages are not causing any harm however (1) I don’t keep sites like these on my home page and (2) perhaps if I let someone use my phone or tablet, I wouldn’t want anyone to view my most frequently visited sites if they used my browner for a search. Although for some I can see where having your most frequently visited sites on your home page I frequently clear my history just because it’s nobody’s business what sites I visit. Seems like this should be an option to display your most frequent sties on your homepage and remove the messages I referred to if you selected that option.

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There currently isn’t a way to do this – although I do believe you have a point about selecting whether or not to display the top sites at all.

What I do know is that the NTP/dashboard on Android is going through a refactor at this time and additional options will be added. As for your part, the best thing to do would be to open a feature request here on Community – I’d be happy to point the devs in its direction :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. Since there is no option available today I took your suggestion and submitted a feature request which can be found at Make Displaying Top Sites on the Home Page Optional.

Thanks again.