Make "Disable Cache" a permanent user setting

With JavaScript driven web apps now pushing deep into the territory of dynamic content, dynamic HTML, dynamic CSS, templating and AJAX, developing an app almost requires that the “Disable Cache” feature be enabled in the debugger under the “Network” tab while developing. The browser seems to pretty aggressively cache some content (especially CSS).

Currently, every single time I open my browser to begin a debugging session, the first thing I have to do is open developer tools (and keep it open the entire time), go to Network, and click on “Disable Cache”. Since my development is very much as described above, I have to do this every single time I open the browser, and it’s tedious.

“Disable Cache” should be a permanent user setting in the Settings page so that it is in effect as soon as the browser starts, and does not require the Developer Tools page to be opened every time, and kept open while debugging.