Cache can't be disabled with Dev Tools (or any other way that used to work)

Description of the issue:

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
Bring up a web page, that you know has changed since you last got an Error 500 from it. (I don’t know if this matters)
Press F12 to bring up the Dev tools. Notice that the ‘Disable Cache’ checkbox is checked.

Reload the page, instead of getting the new page, you get the old page from the cache.

Bringing up in incognito works, running ‘curl ’ works

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Expected result:

(Different error, different website - it is now routed to a different web server internally inside the network that is hosting it.)

Reproduces how often:
Every now and then, some web page just gets stuck in the cache!

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Windows 10 - latest


(Went to get version and it started updating… Agghhhh This is the About page, not the go off and update me page… Oh, well, can’t show you what it was before it updated!! Oh, well…)

Additional Information:

What does Devtools say? Network tab, when you enable the disable cache option, you will not see (memory cache) or (disk cache) and stuff will be downloaded again, the only one should be (ServiceWorker), which is not cache, and everything else will be B/kB.

Anyway, option works fine in latest Nightly, which uses Chromium 118, just like Stable, so there is no upstream issues, and Brave never does anything with these stuff to break it.

Make a real test to see if a feature works, a simple real test don’t just say ‘it doesn’t work’ with a weird complicated test like you are doing.

Well, it has timed out and reloaded the cache, so I can’t determine what it would say in the network tab :frowning: (Correction: I Still had it open! Yes, it shows that it isn’t pulling it from the cache, however, the web page didn’t update!)

In reference to this being a complicated test (a web server’s content changes from an error condition to another error condition - doesn’t seem like a complex test. I’ve seen this before on the website that my company is developing, where it just won’t reload the page and I keep getting the old one, but an incognito window works.

I went to the page you referenced, got ‘the red image’, clicked the 'reset the image, reloaded, got the red image (Realized later that wasn’t how it worked)

Hit F12, and reloaded it (with the not use cache checked) and got the red image.

Reloaded again and got the green image.

It seems like it failed to reload from the remote once… I wasn’t sure how this is supposed to work when I started… I just tried a few more times and it seems to switch to green when I refreshed with the Dev tools open, can’t seem to duplicate it a 2nd time…

(And, sigh, I forgot to check the network tab… the first time it showed me red on a reload :frowning: )

If I can get it to happen again, I’ll try to confirm again that it shows it not pulling from the cache, but also not updating the page…

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