Lost Bat Tokens After Fresh Install

I did a fresh windows install and reinstalled Brave now my bat tokens for November are not showing up signed back into my upload wallet and have no pending rewards. Will I still get my November rewards.

@eeZee, that’s hard to answer actually, as far as I know you very likely lost your pending rewards, the uphold wallet verification only save the Bat that were already sent to Uphold.

that said, in my experience the first time I formated my laptop, I lost my first wallet (near the payment day), at the time I was using two devices so when the payments arrived I got 2 payments, so I’m slightly implying you could still receive the payment but I’m absolutely not garanteing anything.

you lost that wallet for sure, that means you lost one slot of the 4 wallet linked per custodian account limit

@JohnDproof thanks for the message I did have 2 devices linked so I guess time will tell if I get the bat from that wallet you would think brave would sort this out so that rewards are linked to an account or wallet.

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