Is there a way to get back the pending BATs?

Good evening, it happened to me that I had to format the computer due to a problem and I did not realize that I did not know if brave had a backup system for the BATs, in my case I have linked the uphold account and my wallet has not been lost, however, the same does not happen with my pending BATs as if they were lost.

If someone has an answer or solution it would help me a lot ^^.

unfortunatelly, there’s no way to backup the pending rewards, so you can’t recover them.

but there’s some curious thing that happened to me, I had to format my pc too, at that time I only got 3 bats in the pending rewards but my wallet was linked to uphold, to my surprise I received those 3 bats in the payment of december…

another thing is that the formated pc was part of my sync chain but I don’t know if that had something to do

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I hope that over time they will make a backup for the Pending BATS

Anyway thanks for your answer ^^

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