Lost access to Creators account

I can’t access my creators account because the email I used for it was closed. Basically, I can’t verify the account because I can’t access the email associated with it. I’ve since made a new account but the BAT on that account is stuck there. If there’s any way to verify my account with a phone number (I don’t remember if I have one linked or not) or anything like that?

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SMS 2FA isn’t available in the Creators system, I’m afraid.

Send me a PM. If you can provide me sufficient proof that the old account is yours, we can grant you access again. In this PM, please include the email addresses tied to both your new and your old publishers account.


Hi! I have similiar problem, can’t recieve any mails from @basicattentiontoken.org
other email domains work propertly with my mail provider
So i can’t login to my account

can you help me?

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@steeven can you help @pauline1 out please? :slight_smile: There’s probably a suppression on their email address.

Hey, I never got a response to my pm I sent you.

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