Can’t login to my creators account. Not receiving email

I’ve been unable to login to my creators account for a few weeks for some reason. Every time I send a email for a verified link, nothing arrives. I’ve even emailed the publishers account for help more than 10 times with absolutely zero replies. Please advise how I can get this resolved asap. Thank you.

@orcainc I just tested and was able to receive email right away. I take it you’ve checked your Spam/Junk folder just in case?

Yes I’ve checked everything. I own an IT company and know how to receive emails lol.

Let’s face it, no matter how smart or experienced we are, there’s always a chance of just missing the simplest thing. It never hurts to ask. It even doubly had me wondering when you mentioned not receiving any responses, as I figured somehow emails from Brave were being flagged and tossed to it.

It’s the weekend now, so official support isn’t usually active. What you could do in the interim is to try to put in a Creator’s Support Ticket just in case that gets processed better than the emails you’re saying have been sent.

I’ll also tag @steeven in case he does poke his head in sometime and might be able to follow-up. It also may not hurt if you just send him a DM advising of the issue and to provide your email address. Kind of gets you covered on all fronts, so to speak.

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I agree. Thanks so much for your help.

kumain ka ng tae :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hi @orcainc, apologies for the delay. Can you DM me the email linked to your Creators email? I can hopefully resolve directly on my end.

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