Loggin into Twitch

i’ve been using this browser for a while now and im happy with it. But for the past few days now ive been getting difficulties with Twitch, when i go to the website i try to log in, i get an email that a login was successful. And yet, on my browser it’s still on the login page, no matter how many times i try to log in, it keeps saying im not logged in.
everytime i try to part-take in chat, it says i need to log in.

i’ve already cleared out my cache and stuff.
i tried it on another browser, no problems there!

any ideas?

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Hrmmm… no problems logging on to twitch here… Try creating a new profile in brave and login to twitch in the new brave profile… if you have no problems in the new profile, it maybe an extension your using in your old profile is the culprit in your twitch issue…

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