Block all Cookies feature?


Can someone tell me the point of the block all cookies feature on iOS? Even though it doesn’t indicate cookies being blocked on shield, isn’t the shield automatically doing that?

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Thanks for reaching out.
On iOS, cookies are not blocked by default – I believe 3rd party cookies may be, but if you want to block all cookies from all sites, you’ll need to enable this option. AFAIK, if you block all but then lower Shields on a site, this will allow cookies for that domain.

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So I just want to make sure that when using Brave on iOS with shields up that 3rd party cookies are blocked automatically? Anywhere to confirm? Seems odd to me under shields there isn’t a toggle open to block 3rd party cookies.

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iOS has some tight restrictions on cookie management unfortunately. Brave actually does not block 3rd party cookies on iOS (other platforms do).

You can disable all cookies by going into Settings > Privacy > Block all Cookies.

Unfortunately, we do not have an option to block just 3rd party cookies (due to Apple’s API restrictions).

Ok but if choose to block all cookies then I would have to sign in on certain sites every time?

Also can cookies be used to track you? Just trying to understand what the shield is used for on iOS

@Ksven447 Yes, and some sites may have issues logging in at all.

Cookies could be used to track you. Unfortunately, this is true for all iOS browsers, as Apple does not provide mechanisms to deal with this.

Shields block the most common forms of tracking, including blocking 3rd party ads, which would limit the ability for 3rd parties to track you. HTTPS upgrades connections to use an encrypted connection where possible. Block Phishing will notify you if you end up visiting a website that is known to be malware or malicious.

Just wondering, why does apple not allow 3rd party cookies being blocked? How does this benefit them?

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