Local printers not shown

Linux Mint 21.1

When I go to print I do not see my local printer. I only see the Destination choice “Save to PDF”. I have a local printer and other browsers on my computer see that printer.

I see this subject has been posted by others before. The suggestion is to reinstall brave from the official site.

  • I can’t remember how I installed Brave. So I don’t know if I used a snap or appimage or something else unsupported. How can I tell what version I am using and whether this is the best version to install.
  • If I decide to uninstall Brave and reinstall with the correct method for Linux Mint, what do I need to do to make sure i don’t lose much. I am currently syncing a few other computers and tablets to brave so I assume that all the bookmarks and passwords and settings will come back when I do sync on the newext version, but I’d like to also know how to export the stuff I might want to get back to, just in case the sync doesn’t work.

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