Linked to Gemini and Rewards Disappeared. Not Earning Rewards Since Linking Gemini

I saved up BAT tokens for a few months and linked it to my Gemini account. Once I linked it to Gemini, the rewards disappeared and have not returned. It’s been a few months already.

Ever since I linked to Gemini, I have not been earning rewards, so my balance has been zero since linking to Gemini and the BAT never transferred to my Gemini account.

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I also lost my BAT when I linked gemini. Been a month now, just created an account here to report the same thing

Hi, welcome to Community.

We are sorry to hear that this is still an issue for Gemini users.
Our team is working on resolving this matter. If you would like to send over your wallet ID, I can look into the issue further.
Thanks in advance.