Lost all the icons on the home page

I saved a bunch of icons to frequently used pages (Amazon, eBay, etc) and suddenly they are gone. They are still on my bookmarks list but it is a pain to have t click a few more times instead of going straight to it from the Bravve home page. Anyone else having this problem?

@BenGolly those tiles at New Tab Page is populated based on your browsing history. If you clear your history, then it’ll be cleared too.

I see.

Forcing the app to stop and then clearing the cache did the trick. Once I restarted the app the icons came up


For several months (probably a Brave update), I only have 4 icons on my New Tab page. I used to have 5-6. All four sites are pinned. I never see a new site come up on New Tab page like I used to, even ones like the weather forecast which I bring up every 1-2 days. I closed Brave, reopened it, cleared cache on all sites as suggested above. Nada. I know that you are working on supporting more than 6 sites, but as long as I don’t have that many, sites I frequently visit should be showing up. Thank you.

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