Latest build removed the option to delete cookies related to a tab when closing it


The option “Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” under Privacy and security → Cookies and other site data not longer delete the cookies related to a web unless I close the browser itself.

In the build before this one, that option was deleting the cookies of a web when I close the latest tab that contained the web, removing the need to close the browser.


Browser is open with 4 tabs:
2º myuniversitydotcom/
3º myuniversitydotcom/news
4º thewebfornewsiusedotcom/

When I close the tab 2 and 3, the cookies related to were deleted.

I was also using the option to clear all the data (except shield settings) when closing the browser itself.

Would be nice if this feature come back in a future build.

I think this feature was a “bug” or people though it was a bug and reported it on the forums.