Keyboard shortcuts in contextual menu

I had been wanting to switch from Firefox to Brave or Chromium as my primary browser for a while now, for a variety of reasons. Managed to get just about every plugin installed and things configured just the way I like it. However, a big productivity feature is missing.

When I am working on a website, I like to have the ability to right-click an element and then hit a key to select the item in the contextual menu to Inspect, which will hone in on that element in Developer Tools. For example, this is done in Firefox by hitting Q after right-click. I do not see a way to select contextual menu items with keyboard shortcuts in Chromium-based browsers. One must drag the mouse to the item and click it. It may not seem like a big deal, but over time the tediousness of this and reduction in productivity makes a difference.

I have searched for a way to add this functionality but have not found a solution yet. Is there a plugin or other way to accomplish this in Brave?

BINGO! After mashing on some keys with the contextual menu open, I found the key for Inspect. For anyone else who has the same question, the key to press to activate Developer Tools from context menu is: N

Perhaps there should be an indicator, e.g. underline of the letter, in the context menu so people can find these keyboard shortcuts without having to engage in trial and error.

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