Paste and Submit context menu item using RMB; tab stacks/tab panels + draggable tabs; Bookmark Bar context menu close-delay

Would the devs please implement this context menu item, “paste and submit”, when the right mouse button has been activated within a text input field or address bar?

Users should be able to right click within a text entry field or browser address bar, select “paste and submit” and have their most recent clipboard entry submitted automatically.

Other browsers seem to have this as a native option and it would be a welcomed addition for Brave. If context clutter is a concern then an optional setting could be included or similar.

At this time I do not see any extension that accomplished this standard browser behavior and even if an extension were available, I would venture to say most users would prefer not to install another resource-waster if the same effect could be achieved out-of-box.

As far as tab stacks and tab panels, I know there are extensions which seem to mimic these effects but it would be great if the devs would consider looking into these two additions as time permits. The ability to combine tabs and have multiple tab windows open side by side without running a separate Brave instance would be nice for productivity.

One last request would be to have the ability to drag open tabs into the Bookmarks Bar and also out of the active browser instance to create a totally separate browser window with the selected tab.
In addition please look into the feasibility of keeping the Bookmark Bar context menu open when arranging bookmarks by dragging. Currently, when dragging a bookmark into a folder the context menu will immediately close after left mouse button is released, where other browsers the menu seems to stay open until a subsequent left mouse click or other action takes the focus away.

Brave has become my primary browser but small improvements and feature additions such as these would help Brave stand in front of the other Chromium-based competition.