Just reporting that i got paid

Hello everyone

just wanted to report that i just get paid
for eveyone who did not get paid yet check this

i think most of you did not get paid as i think brave like to pay me first :joy:
just kidding

notice that the payment take days so do not complain or panic till it become completed
and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Got paid too broโ€ฆ if I should verify my wallet now will I get paid by 8 of this month or next Month?

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i see you doing your best to ask me the things that i do not know about loool

i do not have uphold so i do not a lot about how it work :joy:

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Oh ok bro what do u now do to ur BAT? Or u donโ€™t use the rewards too?

just saving them in browser wallet till i make my mind and choose what to do with them :slight_smile:

Oh ok :joy: you can dash me someday :zipper_mouth_face:


:joy: that must be a lot of money

nope just 88 bat loool

Around 15usd still something though