It won't let me turn on Rewards on the Brave browser for my latop

I have been using the Brave browser on my mobile phone and have had no problems with the Rewards mode. However, I accidentally turned off the Rewards for the browser on my desktop and it won’t let me turn them back on. I click on the rewards option and it tries to turn on but doesn’t. I even synced my two devices with Brave but the setting on my laptop browser still says I am not earning rewards. Is there some sort of time period I have to wait to be able to turn them back on even though it was a momentary mistake with no confirmation message or anything?

I am also having this same problem, can anyone please find a solution to this?

When I click button from a new tab “Start using rewards” it doesn’t work. When I go to Reward Settings and toggle the ads it also DOES NOT WORK. It simply won’t switch to on.