It seems like I am not receiving 5 ads per hour anymore

I have been using this browser for 6+ months and recently moved. Since arriving, it seems like I am receiving maybe 2 ads per hour even though I have it set to 5, and even though I am on my computer the majority of the day. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this. Still love the browser!

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You may have it set to five, but depending on the active ads in your country and how you rank according to your browser for each ad, you may never get that five. Some days I only get two for the whole day using the browser, a rare different day I might get over 20. Like if there’s 10 ads total, and five of them are only for Macs, you only have five ads left that are even possible.

Until there are thousands of ads available, five an hour is not sustainable. This repeat of ads is a reason I believe that Estimated pending rewards is often higher than what people receive.

That makes sense, thanks!

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