I haven't received new ads since 2 days ago

I haven’t received new ads since 2 days ago, but the app is configured for 5 ads per hours what’s happening? How can I do in order to receive ads again?

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Well enable and rentable ads, yes i know that it’s sound dumb but that sometimes help.

Also i have to clarify, the conf of 5 ads per hour do not mean that you will receive exactly 5 ads per hour, it just a limiter to avoid spam, ti really means you will receive up to 5 ads per hour.

Also, some countries like india are having an update on their ad catalog, so their are experiencing down time on servers.

As for any case. Ads are shown due to the number of actice campaings, advertisers and your search behavior on Internet, that means it’s not a rule that you will receive ads all the time.

Same here. It’s been 4 days for me. Plus, it’s no longer blocking pre-Youtube video ads. Hopefully a update is coming or something. I was just telling my brother how awesome this browser was too…until this happened :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yes same here. Also the browser is using lots of data for nothing.

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apparently this is global in nature. Many users complain.

It is seems to be a general issue.

I’ve got 2 Ads in two days with more than 10 hours use of Brave due to my job.

I hope they manage to fix it soon…


As for ads, well like already mention it sound to be a general issue due to update on ads catalog in many contries (i hope).

As for youtube, that is a known issue, but is not fault of brave completly, is a YT thing since they are updating there ads algoritm to be more hash with ad blockers.

Be patient, just keep using Brave, probably the ad campaign in your region just finished and another is waiting to be started. The 5 ads per hour settings doesn’t mean that you really going to get 5 ads in a span of 5 hours. It depends on your browsing behavior too.

What exactly do you mean by “browsing behaviour”? Could you explain what kind of behaviour do you need to have in order to get more ads?

I´m sure that you have search something on ebay, amazon or etc and afther that google display´s some ad showing ads of the same producto you where searching for on other sites. This is exactly the same on brave, if your searches match with some campaing then is more probable that you will receive an ad

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