Why i'm only receiving 5 ads per day instead 5 per hour?

I setup to show 5 ads per hour, but i’m only receiving 5 per day.
When I set to 5 per hour, it shows me that it would be 5 per hour, but, when I acess the history of the ads that had been shown, it says “You are receiving 5 ads per day”…

This is so frustrating… Idk if i’m doing something wrong, or its a bug, or even if is a misleading translation :confused:

That´s technically normal…

Ads depend on:

  • The number of ad campains on your region
  • The number of publishers also in your region
  • Your browsing habbits (Similar on when you search for a phone on amazon and the suddently you see ads of that phone in everywhere).


Also the “5 ads per hour” doesn´t mean that, it realy means “up to 5 ads per hour”. Is a limiter to avoid spam in countries with lots of ads campains. Said that, it does´t guarantee exactly 5 ads every hour.

Also if your region has low ad campaings, it sound normal those 5 ads per day. In my country we have 12 campains, i get more less 15-18 ads per day, but that is not law, sometimes i get 10, 5 or none. This is how system works. Also be thankful you are reciving ads, some users since “july bug” are not receving any, and the fix is still on work.