Issue with wallet- original rewards dissappeared

Briefly describe your issue:
On January 8th my BAT Uphold wallet seems to have glitched or updated and isn’t snowing my rewards for the past year. Instead, it’s showing a brand new wallet account without my original rewards. I didn’t do anything to update or change my Brave browser and don’t know how to restore it to get my original rewards. Can you help me recover my account please? When I signed up for Brave and the BAT wallet rewards, I created a password.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?
Version 1.33.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)
not sure

What date did you verify your wallet?
I started Brave rewards Feb 5, 2021

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?

Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?

Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold??

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