Is there any way for me to re-gain my data via sync feature?

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. New Brave sync code is expired
  2. Anyone re-installing Windows OS on the same PC faces the same problem
  3. Anyone purchasing a new PC faces the same problem

Expected result:

Not being allowed to sync data on every device

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.64.113 Chromium: 123.0.6312.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Vivaldi have allowed their end-users to do the easy log-in after the successful creation of a user profile; therefore, end-users will not lose the already saved credentials / bookmarks / settings when they re-install any of those browsers on the same PC or on any newly bought PC. However, Brave browser does not allow the creation of such a user profile and it is allowed only in Brave Community for getting support which satisfies purposes other than syncing data on all devices.

By the way, after re-installing Microsoft Windows 11 Home OS on my same PC I was surprised when I tried to sync my data on the same PC by means of the old / today issued Brave sync code but I got an error message saying " the sync code is expired". Later, I read the FAQ section where I understood Brave has abandoned sync code but I do not understand it why Brave has not removed such a selection yet!

Is there any way for me to re-gain my data via sync feature?

All of these have username/password combinations and there have been many accounts hacked over the years. Even one of my Google accounts had been compromised in the past. Brave avoids this by never having us create username/password combinations and using secure methods.

It’s also important to note Brave doesn’t have Sync to be used as a backup or anything. It is only for you to actively share data between devices you are using. This is why the sync phrase changes daily. If you want to keep things secured, you should be exporting data and/or doing regular backups to an external drive or something.

Big thing to remember is privacy vs security vs convenience. Places like Google are collecting and selling your data. Unlike the others you listed, Brave has primary focus on privacy and security. Sometimes this means conveniences like accounts you mentioned will take a backseat.

Read through Sync is not a backup

I thank you very much for your comprehensive reply. I believe the 1-hour valid sync code and exporting / backing up data cannot prevent a hacker from penetrating into your present computing device or penetrating into your other computing device to steal your sensitive data afterwards.

I already know that Apple, Microsoft, Google, Meta, etc. collect and sell the data of their users to advertising firms / governments but neither me nor Brave can do nothing about it. This is unfortunately a worldwide common practice / policy and Brave has to take a backseat accordingly.

I do know about privacy vs security vs convenience; however, I’d rather Brave shifts its focus from security to become more user-friendly by making things optional not mandatory for users. After all, it is my private data and it should be me (not Brave for me) deciding on either put it at risk or handle it securely. You may heard expressions such as “nanny cannot love the baby as much as the blood mother” or “customer is right, not matter what”. I’d like to be treated by Brave the user-friendly way WhatsApp of Meta and Telegram allow us their users to sync all our private data on any device hassle free.

Having said all that, is Brave going to continue with playing the role of the nanny or going to change its pointless policy for the purpose of adapting itself to market demands by removing some drawbacks?

This is true, but that’s individual level. And overall Brave does keep your passwords encrypted. Like if you took and copied your password folder over to a USB and then tried opening it on another device, it won’t let you access or see passwords. It just will be a bunch of encrypted gobblygook.

Though as you mention, there’s different ways to access things. If you allow someone access to your computer or they work in the background with access to do something like Export Passwords, then they will have them in plain text. Overall though, they do a pretty solid job on limiting access. This often leads to people complaining because maybe they had done backups of their drive and when their PC goes to crap, they are upset that none of the passwords are accessible.

They do this. The option is you can use Sync with its limitations, you can use extensions that sync across devices and save to accounts, or you choose to manually import/export. Options are indeed there for you to determine how you want to handle your data.

No nanny to it. They build out what is most safe and secure. The option is to use it or they always let you have access to other methods. As mentioned, you can install extensions and do a variety of things within the browser.

And let’s face it, most of us have multiple devices. So if you have the browser on multiple, you’re almost always going to have your data saved. Like if right now my PC died, I have everything synced with my old Android and my iPhone. With this, I’d be able to share it over.

Yet, there’s still even risk. Like with Sync stops working randomly and cannot be restarted without new sync chain. (Bookmarks no longer syncing, send to device no longer working reliably either.) where even I had issues. It seemed to be fixed but then it stopped syncing again and I had to delete my sync chain and create a new one. Currently they are hitting capacity on sync chains quick for people who are syncing History. So if I had been relying on that sync chain and lost track of devices, I might have been screwed. Even with having the code, it wasn’t fetching data.

Btw, did you ever read the FAQ I linked you to? The reason it was there is not only to explain why they have shifted to expiring sync codes, but it also provided link on how to get the last code and be able to access your old sync account. Just wanting to confirm you were able to get that and regain your data.

Again, thanks for your efforts and time.

You have sent a new reply consisted of 4 separate parts.

First things first. I mean no insult or offense at all. Regarding your notes mentioned in parts 1 to 3 of your latest reply, you seem more like a lawyer mastered in trying to clear the bad history and justification of a proven criminal by sophistry reasoning about the availability of MANDATORY options to be made by Brave users. I cannot be fooled that way. Still, there are very many people including me who believe the real / final decision maker is the client not the producer. We won’t fold to non-sense talks / things even at rough times.

Regarding your note mentioned in part 4 of your latest reply, I am still treating the wounds on my soul made by the goddamn Microsoft Corporation policy forcing users like me to sign in our Microsoft account ( as an example, to download a free-of-charge version of WhatsApp of Meta or whatever ) whereas my existing problem with a signed-in OneDrive sync app does not allow the Microsoft Store to come up at all. I am very busy with completing the set up of the clean installation of Microsoft Windows 11 Home edition on my same PC for now. So, I will read the FAQ you linked to me when I’m done with the Windows installation matter to see if your FAQ link can help me with getting back my synced data or not.