Is there a way to sort bookmarks by date?

I have thousands of bookmarks. There does not appear to be a way of organising bookmarks by date, only alphabetically.

Am I missing something? Does anyone know how I can sort bookmarks by date?


Not natively, that I can see. However, there are extensions in the chrome web store that offer this functionality.

Sprucemarks is one.
Recent Bookmarks is another.

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I have the same issue. I don’t know how my bookmarks are arranged by default. It appears that they are mostly listed alphabetically by the page title, which is not necessarily the way I would remember them. Then I have about 35 at the end of the list in seemingly random order.

The download page for both Sprucemarks and Recent Bookmarks carries a warning:

Brave has not reviewed this extension for security and safety. Only install this extension if you trust the developer.

Sprucemarks can:
Read and change your data on
Read your browsing history
Read and change your bookmarks

Recent Bookmarks can:
Read the icons of the websites you visit
Read and change your bookmarks

While I know the extension needs to read things on my local system, I don’t want it sending information about me to Google or some other third party. Is there any other way to accomplish this?

The bookmark manager (CTRL-SHIFT-O) can sort them by name for you:

Looking at those permissions, “Recent Bookmarks” can only grab the favicon and manage your bookmarks. The favicon makes it so your bookmark has the website icon next to it, and the ability to manage your bookmarks is something you want, right?

Not sure about the permission from Sprucemarks. It’s likely related to another extension you are running.

Thanks for replying. As I said in my previous post, my bookmarks were already sorted by name, except for several on the end of my list, which now seem to have “automagically” moved up into the main list. Maybe that happens when I close the browser or on some time schedule? What I want to be able to do is arrange them in time sequence. I don’t know where you are seeing “Recent Bookmarks” as I cannot find it on any of my menus. I don’t care about, as it is apparently some game site that I don’t go to anyway. I just included it because it was part of the message.

While not the same, I think I found something that will help. I just discovered that when I right click on the bookmark manager page, I get the options to “Add new bookmark” or “Add new folder”. It looks like I can create multiple folders with whatever names I choose and then sort my bookmarks into them according to category. That will be much better than having to go through a single list of many hundreds of entries trying to find the one I am looking for.

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Oh wow! Yes, if you aren’t already organizing your bookmarks into folders, you are missing out on that opportunity for clean organization, for sure!

I have been carrying the same bookmarks with me for about 15 years now. If I wasn’t using folders, I would be wading through hundreds of bookmarks. No Fun!

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